The constant changes in cost dynamics on a global basis put more and more pressure on organization to develop world class procurement and supply chain practices in order to fulfil cost saving targets. Asia Perspective is eager to support our clients in achieving and sustaining world class purchasing and supply chain performance.

In order to do so, we support our clients with analysis of processes and practices, supply market assessment and cost benchmarking, development of strategies to reduce costs, implementation of projects to realize identified benefits – including engaging and negotiating with suppliers – and improvement of internal structures and processes to sustain the achieved cost reductions.

With expertise in areas such as strategic sourcing, low cost country sourcing, procurement support and supply market analysis, we are well established to offer our client’s best in class support that is tailored after their needs. Project range from one of market analyses or cost benchmarkings to comprehensive and on-going management of the client´s entire sourcing and supply chain operations.

At Asia Perspective, we pride ourselves in being result driven and in delivering realizable cost reductions to our clients.

Project Examples:

  • Supply Market Research
  • Category Benchmarking
  • Sourcing and Procurement Training
  • Sourcing Strategy Development
  • Feasibility and Cost Analysis of New Sourcing Regions
  • Spend Analysis and Savings Opportunity Identification
  • Performance Metrics and Management Systems Design
  • Sustainable Procurement Program and Policy Review